Jane Hampton Cook

National media commentator and award-winning author Jane Hampton Cook brings history and biographies to life, making them memorable and relevant to today’s news, current events, politics, issues of faith, and modern-day life.

Cook has authored 10 books and served former President George W. Bush as a webmaster for five years, including three in the Texas governor’s office and two years in the White House as deputy director of Internet news services. As a public speaker, she focuses on topics that transcend generations, such courage, freedom, founding principles, patriotism, leadership, communication, and womanhood.

Cook earned a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University, a master’s degree in higher education administration from Texas A&M University, and a research fellowship from the Organization of American Historians and White House Historical Association to conduct historical research on the White House, presidents, and first ladies.

She began her career at Rice University and Texas A&M University before moving to the Texas governor’s office and White House. She lives with her family in a Washington, D.C., suburb.